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Suspect in police shooting reached for gun



Indianapolis, Indiana – A man who was shot by police on Friday morning in the vicinity of 38th Street and Keystone Avenue was critically injured.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department reports that it was contacted on Friday at approximately eleven in the morning regarding an unruly male in the 3900 block of Caroline Avenue. The Indiana State Fairgrounds are located only a few blocks east of that.

The individual was firing a gun from inside a house close to the intersection of Millersville Road and Caroline Avenue, according to IMPD Deputy Chief Michael Wolley. “Evidence indicates that there were two cars struck and then a home struck on the opposite side of the street.”

When the police arrived, they tried to defuse the situation by hiding behind their patrol cars.

The individual was ordered by the officers to lay down flat and put down his rifle.

“After the suspect was on the ground, officers requested the suspect stand up and walk toward them, while remaining behind their patrol cars. As officers continued to give verbal commands, the suspect stopped, turned away from the officers, and began rapidly moving in the direction where the firearm was located,” Wolley said.

He said that after shouting for the suspect to turn around, one of the officers shot him as he approached the pistol.

“The alleged suspect was taken into custody and officers rendered medical aid and applied a tourniquet at the scene,” Wolley said.

According to investigators, the suspect’s relatives informed them that he had previously struggled with mental health concerns.

The 15th IMPD shooting of the year occurred on Friday. According to Wolley, a lot of these incidents include the subject disobeying police orders, forcing the cops to resort to using force.

“Our officers are trained to respond to the actions that are presented in front of them. That is consistent, what we are starting to see is our officers are faced with armed individuals who are not following the directions of the officers.”

The suspect’s gunman, an officer, was placed on administrative leave. The accused was accused of criminal irresponsibility, resisting law enforcement, and unlawfully possessing a handgun.

The cop has not been identified, nor has the suspect.

According to IMPD, bodycams recorded the shooting.

Detective Christopher Craighill’s number to report any information was 317-327-3475.




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