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Teams in Indianapolis are getting ready to feed thousands of people on Thanksgiving



Indianapolis, Indiana – This week, thousands of Thanksgiving meals are being prepared by a number of Hoosier nonprofits.

There are still many ways to become engaged, according to some groups, but others claim they already have all the support they require.

“Nobody should go hungry any day, especially on Thanksgiving Day,” said Mozel Sanders Foundation COO Stephanie Sanders.

Indianapolis kitchens are beginning to smell like Thanksgiving meal. As they get ready to feed Hoosiers in need, cooks are hard at work slicing turkeys.

“This year we’re looking to feed approximately 10,000 hungry individuals with some good food,” Sanders said. “And then we’re going to deliver their meals to their homes.”

For some organizations, like the Mozel Sanders Foundation, it is the beginning of an enduring tradition; for others, like the Jones Lewis Foundation, it is a brand-new venture.

“We were founded this year in our foundation, so I decided to take it over this year,” Jones Lews Foundation CEO and Founder Ta’Quan Jones said.

For the first time, Jones is in command at Broadway United Methodist Church. Since COVID, this will be the first Thanksgiving meal served there. Families will get food deliveries and servings from the organization in person.

“My favorite part about being able to help people on Thanksgiving is to look at the people when they’re receiving the help and seeing the joy and happiness within them,” Jones described.

Even though organizations such as the Jones Lewis Foundation schedule volunteers far in advance for the days preceding Thanksgiving, some still require assistance on the actual day of the holiday.

“I have a lot of people calling me and volunteering,” Sanders said. “Slots are filled, but that hour when it’s time to clean up, it’s nobody but us.”

Even if you are unable to assist directly, you can still have an impact.

“To feed a family of four is $20,” Sanders said. “So please donate.”

Both organizations claim that their efforts go beyond November’s last Thursday. Both the Mozel Sanders Foundation and the Jones Lewis Foundation say they appreciate any donations throughout the year, whether it is assisting with the stocking of their brand-new food pantry or helping to feed Indianapolis schoolchildren on Fridays.

Although both foundations state that families must have already registered in order to get Thanksgiving meals on Thursday, they also hope to be able to provide more meals.