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Mystery respiratory illness turns to pneumonia in some canines



Indianapolis, Indiana – Experts are unaware of the specific cause of a respiratory sickness that is causing dogs in various states to become ill and, in some cases, to pass away. The illness may be caused by a mysterious respiratory illness.

Sneezing, fever, and a loss of appetite are some of the additional symptoms that have been observed in patients who have contracted the disease in some strains in certain regions of the country. The condition began with a cough, which finally progressed into pneumonia.

Despite the fact that recent reports have identified Indiana as one of the areas that are experiencing the mysterious illness, the experts at Noah’s Animal Hospital informed that they have not observed a substantial spike in respiratory infections across any of their nine locations in central Indiana.

“Not all dogs will eat every day, but you will know if your dog is refusing food,” said Tom Dock, the director of communications at Noah’s Animal Hospital. “That’s normally an early sign that something is going on. If that is connected with a cough, with sneezing, I would recommend calling your veterinarian as soon as possible.”

As stated by Dock, the mystery illness has the potential to be fatal; however, vets are unaware of which cases may ultimately prove to be fatal.

“The concern right now is why are these cases going to pneumonia. And we are seeing some increased cases of pneumonia,” Dock said. “The challenge that we’re dealing with is unlike human medicine there’s not a doggy CDC so we don’t have any way to track if we’re actually seeing more increases.”

It was advised by specialists that dogs should not be boarded during the Christmas season since the tight quarters with other animals could potentially spread the illness.

“Maybe consider a pet sitter if you’re boarding over the holiday time,” Dock said. “I think right now if your dog is coughing, don’t take them to be boarded, don’t take them to be groomed.”

There is no reason to be overly concerned about traveling with pets.

According to Dock, dog owners need not be in a state of panic, but they should be cautious and proactive when it comes to any ailments that may affect their pets.

“When you hear something happening with your dog, don’t wait,” Dock said. “I tell people every day to take your pet in. If you find out everything is OK, that’s money well spent.”
Antibiotics are not effective in treating the mystery ailment, according to some accounts; however, the specialists at Noah’s Animal Hospital have reported that their medications have been effective for their pets.