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The Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis provides ‘Adult Recess’ for a good cause



Indianapolis, Indiana – You can aid youngsters all across the city by pretending to be one for a few hours.

For 130 years, the Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis has invested in the children of central Indiana, and on April 27, the club will invest in the child within you by hosting a “Adult Recess” party with a purpose.

Consider your childhood interests: did you enjoy math, science, or history? If you’re completely honest with yourself, your favorite topic was probably recess. You may relive those memories with the Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis on Thursday evenings from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Lilly Club in Fountain Square.

The “Adult Recess” event is comparable to, but distinct from, traditional recesses in that it will include axe throwing, racecar simulations, and even adult beverages. Dodgeball, painting, and, of course, snacks will be available, according to George Gardner, Unit Director of the Lilly Club.

“Adult Recess is a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis to get young professionals out, to just experience the club and have a night where you can kind of let your hair down and relive your youth,” Gardner said. “And for those not familiar with the club, this is our chance to let them know who we are and what we do in a fun way, of course.

“The Boys & Girls Club is an after-school program. We serve kids aged 5 up to 18, and like I’ve said, to many people over the years, the club just gives kids the chance to have the opportunity — he opportunity to experience new things, create new relationships with kids, but then also with respectable staff.”

The event costs $50 to attend, but that payment isn’t just for the kid inside of you. Gardner described how that money goes a long way toward helping other children in the city.

“The $50 donation is going to give one of our club kids the full summer experience. It’s $50 for the entire summer. That’s not $50 a day, that’s not $50 a week, your one ticket gets that kid six weeks of summer programming,” Gardner said. “My favorite part about ‘Adult Recess‘ is just helping build awareness with our young people that are kinda coming back out to relive your childhood. The club is a safe place for kids, and it’s supposed to be fun, and to get community awareness of what we do and offer in our blue doors I think is the highlight for me.”

Every day after school, the Boys & Girls Club’s Lilly site in Fountain Square serves about 140 children. Gardner anticipates that those figures will remain stable throughout the summer months when staff and volunteers deliver meaningful programming to those children from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

Dress comfortably if you want to have some fun while still assisting others. To recess, no one donned a suit and tie.