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The dead body found on Monday in Noblesville near crash site identified, police report



Noblesville, IN – According to police report, the body that was found on Monday in Noblesville crash site belonged to the 62-year-old Jeffrey L. Beeson of Noblesville.

The Hamilton County Coroner’s Office said that the cause of the dead was associated with trauma consistent with a motor vehicle crash.

The police reports indicated that the man fled the scene of the crash on foot, but as a result of the heavy crash he succumbed to the injuries in the location where he was found.

The moor vehicle crash was reported to Presley Drive, north of Phillip Drive and authorities were dispatched at the scene around 7 a.m. on Friday, August 20. When the initially received the call, only one car was involved in the crash.

The initial investigation showed that the vehicle was traveling northbound on Presley Drive when it collided with two concrete barriers that were positioned where the roadway comes to a dead end. When officers arrived at the scene, the vehicle, a 2003 Toyota Corolla, was abandoned.

At the time, officers did not find any signs of personal injury. They searched the immediate area and were unable to find the driver or anyone else who may have been inside the car.

Driver’s family and friend reported that he didn’t return home since the crash. That made officers to go back at the scene and continue the investigation. On Monday, August 23, they continued their search in the area and were able to find the dead body, later identified and confirmed to be driver of the vehicle.