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While the violent crimes rate is seeing an increase in Indiana in the last couple of years, local organization calls for changes to reduce the domestic violence



Indianapolis, Indiana – The violent crimes rate is seeing a rising trend in the last couple of years in Indianapolis.

Despite the authorities’’ efforts to reduce the crime rate in the area with implementing new guidelines for officers, the reports show that 2021 will be another year with increase in the number of violent crimes.

According to the Domestic Violence Network latest data, the risk of homicide increases by 500% when in the presence of a firearm.

Following this, a local organization on Wednesday released several recommendations what everyone should do in order to prevent or at least lower the domestic violent crime rate and therefore, fatalities.

The Domestic Violence Network released the following recommendations for the public:

  • Strengthen current firearms laws by closing loopholes that fail to protect victims against a current or former dating partner. Courts also need to utilize these laws and enforce them more frequently with the help of law enforcement.
  • Move away from the honor system for firearms surrender. Removing firearms should be prioritized by improving the processes for information gathering, creating clear and enforceable orders to surrender, service of process, and compliance monitoring.
  • Incorporate more transformative justice practices to help prevent domestic violence altogether. Identifying the root causes of violence in the community and an individual’s response to trauma will help change the culture that leads to violence.

The 45-page report can be found here.

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