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The press box at Frankfort High School’s football field is on fire



Frankfort, Indiana – According to the police department, there was a fire Tuesday night in the press box at the football field of Frankfort High School.

At about nine o’clock at night, according to Frankfort Fire Department Chief Matt Stidham, crews were contacted. He claims there was nobody in the announcer box.

According to Stidham, the fire was contained just before Tuesday night at 11:00 p.m.

The fire chief said that until investigations get underway, there was no immediate information available regarding what might have caused the incident.

Located in the Clinton County city, near State Road 28 at Maish Road, the football field faces eastward from the school.

The area was asked to be avoided by people.

The football season for the Hot Dogs concluded on October 20.

About 55 minutes by car will get you to the high school northwest of Indianapolis’ city center.






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