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This is Indiana’s most visited state park



Indiana – Even though summer is almost done, it’s still a terrific time to spend outside. And one state park is Hoosiers’ #1 pick for doing so.

Website that compares and markets insurance online Based on searches conducted over the previous three years, Insuranks determined the most visited state or national park in each state. According to that report, Turkey Run State Park is the most visited state park in Indiana.

It is hardly surprising that Turkey Run won out over other Indiana state parks. After all, TripAdvisor lists it as the best Indiana state park.

In addition, the park has 680 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on TripAdvisor. Recent reviews laud the area for its views and different routes, which provide visitors with a wide range of hiking alternatives.

In addition to hiking and horseback riding routes, the state park features two tennis courts, a sand volleyball court, a basketball court, a nature center, and picnic spots with lots of cover. It also provides kayaking and canoeing, in addition to fishing, swimming, and a pool in the summer.

Additionally, Turkey Run offers a campground with 213 campsites and 23 rental cabins, which is beneficial for anyone wishing to spend a few nights in nature. According to Insuranks, two out of every three Americans plan to go camping this year or have already done so. A lot of Americans are eager to do just that.