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Indy’s north side businesses have been the victim of a wave of robberies and burglaries



Indianapolis, Indiana – The proprietor of Pawn Shop Pub claimed that because officers from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s North District are so busy guarding the fairgrounds two miles to the south, he has come to expect armed robberies and burglaries in his area of business off East 54th Street and North Keystone Avenue every year during the Indiana State Fair.

For 29 years, Jennie Murray has worked as a bartender and in the neighborhood of the 54th Street stores, and she concurs with the proprietor of Pawn Shop Pub.

”They’re busy with the other events that Indianapolis offers,” Murray said. “And I think the criminals know that.”

Recently, armed robberies and burglaries that appeared to be carried out by professionals have targeted several small shops in the strip mall.

“The Mississippi Belle restaurant got held up at gunpoint,” said Melissa Clawson of American Legion Post 34. “Indy Taco got hit. The laundromat was hit. Most recent was the pawn shop. They destroyed their office completely. They took out part of our fence to do that job.”

“Money. They busted his ATM,” she said, pointing toward a burglarized laundromat. “They busted his coin machines. They got his two guns in there. They took his protection.”

The Legion organized a gathering on Sunday to bring together locals, consumers from the neighborhood, and proprietors of businesses to create a community-based strategy for protecting themselves and their properties against crime.

”We’ve already discussed putting together a business association,” said Clawson said. “Maybe getting some guidance from the Broad Ripple Association.”

”I think, amongst ourselves, if IMPD is not capable, we should come together as a community and hire security,” Murray said.

One individual claimed that a nearby street’s home had recently been broken into. From his home, thieves stole a TV and some cash.

”This is why I put this together,” Clawson said. “Not in my front yard. I been here for 25 years in this neighborhood. I take great pride in it.”

Clawson announced that she would be phoning the IMPD’s North District commander on Monday morning to explore ideas for how the nearby residents and business owners may better defend themselves.

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