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This week will see the start of Greenwood Red Carpet Inn’s demolition



Greenwood, Indiana – The Red Carpet Inn in Greenwood is scheduled to be demolished this week.

This happened after officials declared that workers had permission to start demolishing the building. As per earlier reports, the site situated at 1117 E. Main St. in Greenwood was demolished in December 2023 by a new property owner.

When the Red Carpet Inn was open, officials reported that inspectors discovered almost 200 serious infractions. In addition, there were numerous infractions of health and safety regulations, and from mid-June 2021 to January 2023, hundreds of police, fire, and emergency medical visits were made to the Inn.

The original plan was to demolish the inn in October. However, that choice was postponed following the near collapse of the hotel’s sale in early October 2023.

Workers were spotted at the location earlier this month clearing out furniture and debris while also stripping the building. Before issuing a demolition order, personnel reportedly waited to ensure that the hotel’s gas, water, and electricity had been turned off.

“City leaders are pleased to see this structure come down and look forward to what will fill this space as the gateway into Greenwood,” officials with the city of Greenwood said on Monday.


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