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To repave neighborhood roadways, Indy DPW will receive $25 million



Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indianapolis City-County Council on Monday unanimously agreed to support a multi-million dollar plan to upgrade residential roads.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works will get $25 million the next year for the repaving of neighborhood streets.

The City-County Council has provided funding for those plans for three years running.

The money allotted in Proposal No. 262 will assist with the planning, building, and inspection phases of repairing neighborhood streets.

Everything fits with the department’s broad plans.

Mayor Joe Hogsett declared in March that the Indy DPW will be in charge of $1.2 billion in capital projects over the following five years.

The city has spent more than $100 million since 2022 to upgrade local roadways.

La Keisha Jackson, a councilor representing District 14, said her people usually beg her for more expenditures like this after voting to authorize the funding.

“There were some streets that in 30, 40 years hadn’t been touched that had the opportunity to get new infrastructure,” Jackson said.

The proposal, according to District 3 Councilor Dan Boots (D), represents a historic commitment to the city’s residential regions.

“I want to commend our council, commend our administration, for doing a job well done and really putting rubber on the road and bringing money to the streets in front of your homes,” Boot said.

The Indy DPW has a $363 million planned budget for 2024 as of Monday. The City-County Council meeting on October 16 will allow for a vote on that.

If accepted, the department’s budget will have tripled over the previous seven years.