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TSA will begin testing new checkpoint technologies at the Indianapolis airport



Indianapolis, Indiana – The Transportation Security Administration has deployed cutting-edge Computed Tomography checkpoint scanners at every lane at Indianapolis International Airport as the summer travel season continues to draw more travelers there.

According to TSA, the technology will give officers 3-D images they can extend and swivel to see inside luggage to find any forbidden or dangerous objects.

travelers no longer have to remove 3-1-1 liquids or gadgets because they can more readily see inside the bags, which leads to fewer bag checks for travelers.

Depending on which lane they were traveling through during the past few months, some lanes were momentarily closed and travelers may have encountered both the new and old equipment.

TSA will walk through the new passenger checkpoint experience and demonstrate the new technology.

The key to reducing wait times is for passengers to be well-prepared and not carry any goods that are prohibited. Travelers leaving IND are reminded to allow plenty of time and think carefully about every step of their journey because the airport anticipates high passenger numbers during the summer.

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