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After pleading guilty to illegal gun possession, an Indianapolis man received a one-year sentence



Indianapolis, Indiana – An Indianapolis resident who admitted to owning a machine gun and obstructing law police on Tuesday was given a one-year sentence in the Marion County Community Corrections.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD), Donnie Fisher, 28, was detained on February 2 by the Violence Crime Task Force (VCTF) during an investigation in which investigators discovered four weapons (two of which were stolen), a Glock switch, drugs, and other stolen goods.

On February 1, just before 1 p.m., investigators were looking into a robbery on South Harding Street near the city’s southwest side where bullets had been fired and a cellphone had been reported stolen. Police said the suspects got into a car and drove off.

A short chase with the matching vehicle was started by Eskanazi Police an hour later. According to police, the driver flung two weapons from the car. Officers discovered a Glock handgun with a Glock switch and a sizable extended magazine that had been reported stolen after the chase.

The pursuit car was found on North Ralston Avenue on February 2, and the VCTF continued their investigation there. Fisher was detained in the automobile by detectives working with the Indiana Crime Guns Task Force (ICGTF).

Detectives discovered two firearms (one of which was stolen), four smartphones, four grams of suspected fentanyl pills, and roughly 20 grams of marijuana after obtaining a search order for the house. One of the cellphones found was taken during the robbery on South Harding Street.

Fisher was detained on suspicion of having a firearm while being a felon, having a machine gun, and obstructing law officers.

On June 20, he entered a plea of guilty to two felonies: level 6 vehicular resisting law enforcement and level 5 possession of a machine gun. Fisher was given a year in community corrections by the judge.

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