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Two of the nation’s most hated highways are located in Indiana



Indianapolis, Indiana – Traffic jams. chokepoints. ongoing collisions or building initiatives. There are many reasons to detest a particular section of roadway and to look forward to every commute that compels you to take a particular path.

However, which Indiana highways would you consider the worst in the nation? In reality, two have been bestowed with this ignominious title, and a lot of people in Indianapolis commute daily down both of these abhorrent sections of road.

A section of Indiana’s Interstate 65 is among the top 100 most hated highways in the nation and is regarded as the worst highway in the Hoosier state, per a Volvo survey that polled 3,000 drivers nationwide.

Ranking 58th, the section of I-65 regarded as one of the most hated highways in America consists of the final section of the interstate near Chicago and portions of the interstate that commuters from Indianapolis commonly drive.

Before thrusting north toward Chicago, I-65 winds through downtown, and Indianapolis drivers are well aware of the traffic jams it can cause. In an effort to reduce the roughly three-hour commute between the two cities, cars, many of which have Illinois license plates, frequently dart between the Circle City and the Windy City, causing bottlenecks, lane closures, and collisions along the I-65 stretch between Indianapolis and Chicago.

I-65 is one of the most hated freeways, according to a Volvo survey, because of the traffic jams it experiences in Indianapolis and the delays it causes for commuters heading from Indianapolis to Chicago.

However, I-65 did not symbolize Indiana by itself. The Beltway that encircles the Circle City, I-465, was also listed among the nation’s most hated roadways. The majority of people who reside in or near Indianapolis are aware of the rush-hour traffic on 465, which frequently causes specific sections of the highway to come to a complete stop. In addition, there are almost always ongoing construction projects going on, which also tend to limit traffic on different parts of the city.

Given that I-465 ranked 78th out of the top 100 most hateful highways in America according to Volvo, many Indianapolis residents may have the distinct distinction of having to endure daily commutes on two of the nation’s most hateful roads.

However, Hoosiers should count themselves lucky if they believe that being called the “Crossroads of America” means having to deal with a headache caused by traffic congestion. They don’t reside in California, which is home to the worst highways in the country, ranking first, second, and third, at least.

Three of Illinois’s freeways, located nearby at 9th (I-90/I-94), 15th (I-290), and 59th (I-55), were listed. Ohio’s highway, which ranks 19th, and Michigan’s, which ranks 49th, both made the list three times. Kentucky and Indiana both had two appearances, however, Indiana’s worst highway (I-65) was deemed to be marginally more repulsive than Kentucky’s worst highway (I-75), which came in at number 61.