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Westfield might delay the decision on Grand Park until 2024



Indianapolis, Indiana – The Grand Park Sports Campus may not receive a decision from Westfield officials until the following year.

During a combined meeting of the Westfield City Council and the city’s Redevelopment Commission on Monday night, local officials disclosed that schedule.

A vote to approve new management for the 400-acre complex may not take place until 2024, according to council and commission members.

Several attendees at the meeting vented their dissatisfaction at the perceived “slow” procedure.

The city made the announcement that it was looking for ideas from businesses to either buy or operate Grand Park in March 2022.

By January 1, 2023, the city wanted to have a new owner or operator in place, according to the original request for proposals.

In March 2023, Westfield declared that it would no longer be looking to sell Grand Park and would instead concentrate on finding a new operator.

“It has not been slow, and certainly not purposefully slow,” Westfield Mayor Andy Cook responded. “When we sold the wastewater utility, it was two years from RFP to the closing date, and this is much more complicated than a utility. I can tell you it is moving along well.”

“I think the process and where we’re at right now, I would be surprised if it gets all the way through our process of approval by the end of the year,” said Scott Willis, current council member and Republican running unopposed for mayor in November. “I just think that’s unlikely.”

According to Joe Plankis, head of the Redevelopment Commission, three proposals are currently being considered for the management of Grand Park.

It was originally put up for bid in 2022 by seven companies.

Grand Park was valued at about $85 million based on two appraisals conducted last year.