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Woman from Muncie passed away after accidentally setting fire to her mattress while she was smoking



Muncie, Indiana – According to the Muncie Fire Department, a woman who was 76 years old passed away as a result of a fire that broke out in her bedroom early on Thursday morning. The fire was started as a consequence of “careless smoking.”

At 8:19 in the morning, the fire department was dispatched to the 800 block of South Madison Street in response to a fire that was reported in an apartment located in the Millenium Place complex, which is eight blocks away from the heart of Muncie.

Carolyn Fisher was located inside the apartment, and after being transported to the IU Health Memorial Ball Hospital, it was determined that she had passed away there.

According to the fire service, the blaze was contained to the bedroom, more particularly a mattress, and they decided that “careless smoking” was the cause of the blaze. According to the findings of the fire investigators, there were indications that Fisher attempted to put out the fire but was overtaken by the smoke and heat.

The blaze was swiftly put out by the firefighters that responded.

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