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Zionsville prevents a “cat-astrophe”



Zionsville, Indiana – On Monday, Zionsville Police performed a flawless rescue of kittens trapped in a car’s engine to save the day and prevent a “cat-astrophe.”

On Facebook, the department wrote: “Something you don’t see daily… Four kittens got locked in a car’s engine compartment this morning, and dayshift police officers managed to free them. No charges were brought despite the accused’ resistance to the police.

Police also advised anybody interested in adopting a kitten to contact Officer Mandie Beam at the Boone County Dispatch at 765-482-1412.

The need for first responders’ assistance from cats in dangerous situations is nothing new in Central Indiana, meow.

A curious kitten’s head became stuck in a cabinet in July, and the Wayne Township Fire Department claimed they had to perform some “delicate rescue work” to get her out. According to firefighters, the kitty was fortunate enough to escape the ordeal without losing any of her nine lives.

The Carmel Fire Department rescued a group of kittens from a storm drain in June. On social media, a video of the terrifying rescue was posted.

The fire department posted, “Meow this is a cute one! We routinely pull baby ducks out of storm drains, but today we pulled a whole family of kittens out! Not sure how they ended up there, but all were rescued safely and are on their way to the Hamilton County Humane Society!”

Speaking of like-minded individuals, the Carmel Fire Department assisted several high school kids in a gosling rescue in April.

Several Carmel High School students saw a panicked mother goose, according to a Facebook post from the Carmel Fire Department, before learning one of the baby geese had fallen into a storm drain in the school’s parking lot. The Carmel Fire Department responded to the student’s request for assistance by rescuing them. The infant was promptly returned to its family in safety.



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