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An Illinois guy stopped in Vermillion County for DUI while traveling 101 mph in a construction zone



Newport, Indiana – According to Indiana State Police, an Illinois man was detained in Vermillion County on Friday afternoon for speeding 101 mph in a work zone and operating a vehicle while drunk.

At 1:30 p.m., a Putnamville State Police trooper was patrolling State Road 234 close to a construction area when he noticed a white passenger car coming at him quickly from behind.

According to a news release, the trooper turned on his radar and detected a speed of 101 miles per hour on the white passenger car. The car then kept going at a fast rate of speed, cutting off the trooper at the construction zone’s merge point.

Romell Watson, the motorist, was stopped by the trooper. Watson is 24 years old. According to the police, Watson failed field sobriety tests and showed signs of intoxication.

After being brought to the Vermillion County Sheriff’s Office, Watson consented to a licensed chemical test. According to authorities, the test findings showed a.11% blood alcohol concentration.

Watson was detained on suspicion of careless driving near a workplace, driving while intoxicated endangering others, and operating a vehicle while intoxicated with a prior conviction. He was handed over without incident to the jail officials of the Vermillion County Sheriff’s Department.

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