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An Indianapolis man sentenced to three years in jail for robbing three banks



Indianapolis, Indiana – During six months, he was successful in robbing three banks. He will now serve the ensuing 46 months behind bars.

26-year-old Richard Gammon was detained in 2021.

Gammon is accused by detectives of robbing his first bank on December 17, 2020. He entered an East 82nd Street Fifth Third Bank. Gammon displayed his phone to the bank teller, which contained the following typed message: “Give me all the 100s and 50s in your drawer. No sudden moves. No alarms and no one will get hurt.”

Gammon received about $1,000 from the drawer from the teller.

The Regions Bank, situated on 82nd Street, became Gammon’s next target. Gammons carried off the same ruse on January 19, 2021: He showed the bank teller a message on his phone and left with roughly $1,360.

The suspect in both cases was soon identified as such by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. The probe was joined by the FBI.

Richard Gammon entered the PNC Bank in Fishers, Indiana, on April 11, 2021, and took out his phone. After reading the note, the bank cashier gave Gammon $760. As police tracked Gammon to his flat in Castleton and apprehended him, this would be the final heist he would commit. Some of the stolen currency was located in the residence by the detectives.

After three years on probation, Gammon will serve the following three years in federal prison. Also, he must make reparation payments of $1,360 to Regions Bank and $1,000 to Fifth Third Bank.

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