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Attorney General Todd Rokita signals support for ‘no exceptions’ abortion ban



Indianapolis, Indiana — According to Attorney General Todd Rokita, he would support a total ban on abortion in Indiana, one that does not include exceptions.

On Friday, he said that lawmakers have approached him and his office with questions, but that he’s not pressuring lawmakers to accept his position.

“Now personally, and I have said many times on cameras and microphones everywhere, I am a no-exceptions candidate and officeholder,” Rokita said. “I would like to see them do that, but I want to see them do their jobs, debate this, and hopefully come up with something at least close to that.”

When asked about exceptions for rape or incest, Rokita responded, “The issue with that is, terrible and horrific circumstances and issues, and thank the Lord they’re not prevalent. They don’t happen as much as other abortions, but it doesn’t make the baby any less innocent, and that’s the real hard part about this.”

According to Rokita, he would be willing to defend a law that includes such exceptions if that’s what lawmakers approve.

On July 25, lawmakers are scheduled to return to the Statehouse for a special session, one that was delayed more than two weeks to give lawmakers time to work out details of an abortion ban.

Governor Eric Holcomb has urged lawmakers to take action on abortion after the Supreme Court’s June 24, decision overturning Roe v. Wade and allowing states to decide if abortion should be legal.