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Benefits from SNAP improperly taken; victims seeking answers



Indianapolis, Indiana – People in Central Indiana who get SNAP food assistance are speaking out about a worrying trend where their benefits are being unlawfully taken.

The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration reports that fraudsters are using card skimmers attached to point-of-sale devices to collect card numbers and other details from credit, debit, and EBT cards throughout the region.

The frauds, according to FSSA specialists, are difficult to detect and may be set up in under a minute.

“I first saw my card getting declined, and I’m like no way no way,” said Bonita Edwards. “The man was able to print out a receipt with my balance and I said ‘This is not right’.”

According to Edwards, the victimization happened just last week, and she was astonished to see the $700 amount on her card disappear to nothing.

Edwards is not alone. Andrea Bradshaw claimed that when she attempted to buy groceries for her family, the same thing occurred to her.

“I called the card to see what’s on it and I see I have $6 on there,” Edwards said. “I listed the transactions, and there were all these transactions that occurred on the same day.”

But for those who fall prey to this kind of deception, that isn’t their only worry.

Every food bank in the city claimed to be doing everything in their power to aid those in need. Some of the scam’s local victims, however, said that it is still insufficient to get by.

“They gave me the number to Gleaners Food, but that’s only once per month,” Nichelle Butler said. “And that only sustained us two days.”

According to Marcie Luhigo, executive director of Midwest Food Bank Indiana, the Community Compass app lists numerous churches and food pantries that can provide support.

“All 400 of our partners across the state are ready and wanting to provide assistance,” said Luhigo.

In the state, there have been more than 100 EBT victims thus far.

According to officials, steps are being taken to attempt and get benefits paid back to fraud victims.

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