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Black Baby Loss Awareness Week



Indianapolis, Indiana – A local support group is starting a new campaign called “Black Baby Loss Awareness Week,” which runs from October 17 through 21, to promote mothers and newborns.

In “Shades of Becoming A Mom,” pregnancy-related illnesses are openly discussed. These illnesses disproportionately affect some women of color, particularly black women, throughout pregnancy and childbirth.

In Indiana, infant mortality rates for white and Hispanic babies are half as high as those for black babies.

On Saturday, the topic of moms’ grieving following infant loss was addressed in the television show “Shades of Becoming a Mom.” The group hosted its first candlelight memorial service in honor of the infants who passed away before turning one.

The organization is kicking off Black Baby Loss Awareness Week on Monday to bring more attention to the reasons why black babies aren’t surviving. The foundation aims to reduce the cultural prejudices that black women encounter during their pregnancies, deliveries, and grief processes.

“It’s to encourage moms and tell them to speak up and know their truth. It’s to give them access to mental health resources while grieving a loss. It’s also building partnerships with hospitals and healthcare workers to bridge that gap between the African American and medical communities so we can have more trusting relationships,” founder, Tieree Reed said.

There are numerous events to participate in all year long. The inaugural “Bump to Bundle” neighborhood baby shower will be held by SOBAM the following year. The program will assist mothers in discussing pregnancy warning signals to watch out for as well as other strategies for mother’s self-advocacy.