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Dallas’ Litter Removal Team: A promising solution for a growing problem



As a thriving city with a welcoming atmosphere, Dallas has attracted many new residents and visitors over the years. However, the rapid growth has resulted in a concerning issue – an increase in litter that has been overlooked in certain areas.

To tackle this problem head-on, the city of Dallas has launched the Litter Removal Team, a new program created by Code Compliance Services. The LRT consists of 18 individuals split into teams, whose primary focus is to remove trash from service roads, dumping sites, and other critical areas in every district of the city.

According to Kate Lawler, a manager in the Nuisance Abatement Division for the city of Dallas, the litter issue in Dallas poses a significant concern. Most of the trash is found along gutters, street corners, and service roads on freeways. The LRT is a proactive approach to tackling this problem more efficiently.

Since its launch in January, the pilot program has yielded significant results, with the crew having collected a staggering 331 tons or 700,000 pounds of litter between January 23 and March 31 alone. The increase in litter can be attributed, in part, to the rising population in Dallas, and code enforcement has noticed an increase in littering and dumping over the past few years.

While the LRT has come across various types of litter, including illegal dumping and waste from the homeless community, the team has successfully managed to cope with the issue. The team strategically drops off trash bags in areas well-known for garbage accumulation, and the homeless community has assisted by picking up the trash, helping to keep the area relatively cleaner.

Despite the challenges encountered by the LRT, the team continues to persevere. “I feel somewhat disappointed because I can tell some of the stuff is dumped,” said Jimmie Roberts, a crew leader for LRT. Throughout their efforts, the team has encountered unusual things, such as antique items, and occasionally, cash or counterfeit bills. As of March 20, the LRT has had an operating cost of $40,000, which has been covered by Dallas’ code compliance.

The pilot program is set to conclude on June 1, and the Dallas City Council will decide whether the Litter Removal Team becomes a permanent initiative. Lawler is optimistic that the program’s results will speak for themselves and guarantee its continuation.

As part of its efforts to become a cleaner and greener city, Dallas’ Code Compliance is hosting a community “Trash Off” event this Saturday to combat illegal dumping. Residents can drop off bulk trash such as furniture and other items, tires, hazardous waste such as batteries, oils, paint, aerosols, etc. for free disposal. The event will take place from 8 a.m. to noon at William Blair Park on Rochester Street in Dallas.

Dallas is taking significant steps towards achieving a cleaner and greener city, with the LRT being a critical initiative that has already demonstrated success in improving the city’s overall cleanliness.


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