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Delphi police advise and ask people not to speed in school zones



Delphi, Indiana – After issuing several speeding fines for the past week, the Delphi Police Department issued a warning on Friday regarding speeding in school zones.

By Friday at the end of the school week, the department had “lost track” of the number of school zone speeding penalties its officers had issued.

The article claims that several citations and warnings were written in an hour on Friday afternoon alone.

“With the assistance of Indiana State Police – Lafayette District, we wrote a total of 11 tickets and five warnings. These included speeds as high as 57 mph in a 25 mph school zone and ‘passing in a no-passing zone.’ That was within an hour period with only one trooper and one Delphi Police Department unit,” they said.

The department stressed that flashing lights and large signage were used to identify the school zone. They also mentioned that there have been cars and construction going on in the school zone for a few weeks.

“We don’t want to write tickets. We want you to slow down. Pretty please,” the post said.