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Speedway man accused of murder in 17-year-old victim’s shooting



Speedway, Indiana – On Friday, prosecutors filed official charges against a man who they believe shot and killed a teenage boy on November 12 at a Speedway residence.

The Marion County Coroner’s Office identified the deceased kid on Monday as 17-year-old Caiden Clements.

The 19-year-old Benjamin Mulkey is accused of two counts of pointing a gun at someone and of murder.

A probable cause document states that Speedway police officers were initially dispatched to conduct an investigation at a residence located in the 2200 block of North Auburn Street. A male individual reported to the police that someone had been shot at a neighboring residence.

When detectives got there, they discovered a young man who claimed to have been shot in the “brother” while he was at a nearby house. According to court documents, he gave a description of the cars at the residence but was unable to guide police to the residence.

Police located the house in the 5000 block of West 22nd Street, less than a minute from where they had spoken with the minor, based on the description.

When the investigators knocked on the door, they say they were greeted by the people who lived there—later found out to be Mulkey’s grandparents. They reported to the authorities that someone was shot and need assistance.

Near the top of the basement steps, officers discovered an unconscious individual, subsequently identified as Clements. At the scene, he was declared deceased.

Several witnesses who were at the house when Clements was shot were interviewed by detectives.

Before heading to the house on West 22nd Street, the first juvenile witness informed authorities that he and Clements had gone out with someone else. Mulkey met them and escorted them to the basement. Prior to that occasion, the witness claimed he had never met Mulkey.

Mulkey, the driver who brought Clements and the witness to the house, Mulkey’s girlfriend, and other individuals were among those the witness told investigators were in the basement.

According to court filings, Mulkey showed the others a gun he had taken out from under a bed while they were hanging out in the basement. Another young male person jammed the gun while it was being passed around. According to the witness, he informed the other young person that they were unable to eject the cartridge from the weapon because it was inside the chamber.

Court papers say when the witness asked Mulkey for an unjamming rod, Mulkey said “they didn’t know what they were doing, and he wanted his weapon.” Mulkey denied that there was a round in the chamber, despite the witness’ remarks.

After the witness showed Mulkey the round, Mulkey asked the witness and the other juvenile who loaded the gun. The witness told investigators that Mulkey “pointed the rifle at them, asking them about the loaded round.”

According to court documents, the second individual then playfully stated that Clements had loaded the firearm. Mulkey shot Clements in the chest as he stood up from the futon he was sitting on.

The witness says Clements “grabbed his chest and ran up the basement stairs before collapsing at the top.” Court documents say that when the witness said he was going to call for help, Mulkey allegedly told him to not call the police.

The second juvenile witness was also questioned by detectives. Initially, the second witness attempted to cover for Mulkey by claiming that they killed Clements, telling authorities that he was asleep upstairs when the shooting occurred.

But court documents say that after the witness’ mother told the juvenile, “‘Ben has to pay for what he did,” the witness changed his statement.

According to the second witness, Mulkey took out the magazine before handing it to him when he asked to examine the firearm in the basement. After reinstalling the magazine on the gun, the witness informed Mulkey that the gun had a live round. Additionally, he reported to investigators that he had informed Mulkey that he believed the rifle’s ejector might be broken.

According to court filings, the witness stated that Mulkey started examining the rifle’s sights when Clements stood from the futon. At that point, the gun fired off.

Regarding the locations of people, the events leading up to the shooting, and accurately recognizing Mulkey from a lineup of photos, the other witness testimony differed.

Detectives visited with Mulkey following their interviews with all of the witnesses. According to court records, Mulkey asked for legal representation as soon as the investigator identified themselves.

After being hauled into arrest, he was being held without bond at the Marion County jail.

Mulkey is also charged with two counts of battery resulting in bodily injury and domestic battery for an unconnected incident, according to online jail records.

On January 22, there will be a jury trial.




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