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Due to a “significant increase in illness,” Western Wayne schools will be closed on Friday



Cambridge City, Indiana – Western Wayne Schools officials declared that due to a “significant increase in illness” among staff and kids, the district will be closed on Friday.

To further slow the spread of illness, the district will also be using an eLearning day on Thursday, according to a statement on its Facebook page. The district did not name a specific ailment in the ad.

The article stated, “This decision has been made in cooperation with the Indiana Department of Education and local health authorities, as the health and well-being of our kids and staff are our top priorities.

“The recent surge in contagious illnesses has resulted in a substantial number of absences among both students and staff. In such circumstances, maintaining a safe and conducive learning environment becomes challenging, and we believe a temporary closure is necessary to prevent further spread.”

Officials stated that “thorough cleaning and disinfection” of the school’s facilities will take place when it closes. The district announced that Monday is when they intend to reopen.

All middle school and elementary school athletic events scheduled for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday have been canceled, according to officials. The post stated that the weekend’s high school activities are still planned.





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