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Easterseals Crossroads extends services to transform the treatment of brain damage



Indianapolis, Indiana – For those who have suffered brain injuries, a local Indianapolis rehab facility now provides new treatments.

An Indianapolis-based non-profit group called Easterseals Crossroads has increased the scope of its services to include those who have suffered brain injuries.

The company has taken over the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana’s previously run Brain Injury Program (RHI). 160 participants in the program have relocated to Easterseals Crossroads for care.

The Brain Injury Program provides a range of services, such as therapy, support groups, and rehabilitation.

The program is completely funded through vocational rehabilitation, making it free for people with brain injuries and their families.

Amy Miller, Director of Brain Injury Services at Easterseals Crossroads, described the procedure for identifying how the program may most effectively aid people in achieving their objectives and returning to work.

“Vocational rehabilitation, they send people over to us, and we do an extensive assessment with them to determine what their needs are and how we can best help them achieve their goals, and get them contributing to the community.”

Miller underscored the significant contribution people with brain impairments make to their neighborhoods.

“Persons living with brain injury are productive members of society, and they have so much to offer to our community. Any support that we can provide them and their families, we are benefiting the community in so many different ways because they’re in every part of the community,” Miller said.

Easterseals Crossroads provides assistance for families and caregivers in addition to services for people with brain injuries. The company is currently processing referrals and registering new clients.

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