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In the United States, Indiana is considered to be one of the least “green” states



Indianapolis, Indiana – According to research conducted by the financial website WalletHub, Indiana is regarded as one of the least “green states” in the union.

Air quality, energy efficiency, the number of green buildings per inhabitant, and fuel usage were among the 25 indicators that formed the basis of the study. In the research, Indiana came in at number 33 out of the 50 states.

Indiana came in at number eight for environmental quality. The state and Wyoming were tied for second place in terms of air quality. Additionally, Indiana placed 39th for eco-friendly activities and 41st for its contributions to climate change.

California was thought to be the most “green” state. West Virginia was the least “green” state.
“It’s important for every American to do their part to support greener living and protect our environment. However, it’s much easier being green in some states than others. For example, if a state doesn’t have a great infrastructure for alternative-fuel vehicles, it becomes much harder for residents to adopt that technology. Living in a green state is also very beneficial for the health of you and your family, as you benefit from better air, soil and water quality,” said WalletHub Financial Analyst Cassandra Happe.

Roughly $92.9 billion worth of damage was caused by extreme weather in the United States last year.

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