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Evansville dog groomer accused of surrendering, readopting 343 puppies to resell at business



Newburgh, Indiana – State police say a Newburgh resident was taken into custody on Monday afternoon after she turned in and then re-adopted hundreds of animals so she could sell them after they had received their vaccinations.

Jamie Hubiak, 35, was the subject of an investigation by Indiana State Police, who were also looking into possible financial misappropriation at Warrick County Animal Control.

Investigators discovered that in January 2023, Hubiak turned over seven black poodle puppies to animal control. The same day the puppies were turned in, Hubiak had them vaccinated and then re-adopted.

Hubiak, who runs an Evansville pet grooming company, then charged $350 per puppy at the shop. It is reported that she made almost $2,400 from the sale of the poodles.

According to state police, an animal that is turned in to Warrick County Animal Control becomes county property.

To sell the animals at her grooming salon, Hubiak is suspected of turning over and then re-adopting about 343 animals to and from animal control since 2019.

Hubiak was charged by prosecutors on Thursday, according to court records available online. Hubiak was released on bond after being taken into custody on Monday following her surrender at the Warrick County jail.

She was being investigated for felonies related to theft, theft conspiracy, and improper business influence. In addition, prosecutors filed a misdemeanor theft allegation in connection with Hubiak’s alleged offenses.


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