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Fallen Elwood Ofc. Noah Shahnavaz honored in local high school marching band invitational



Fishers, Indiana — The Fishers Marching Band Invitational on Saturday honored Elwood police officer Noah Shahnavaz, who was shot and died in July while conducting a traffic stop.

Each member of the Elwood High School marching band participated in the weekend invitational while sporting a badge to support Noah’s family and the local police force.

Shahnavaz himself attended Fishers High School and was a member of the marching band there. His family was there to serve as a tour guide for the Elwood marching band on Saturday.

“It’s just a small thing, but to serve the Elwood band in this way and be a guide at the FishersInvitational where Noah was a graduate,” said Noah’s father Matt. “So this just, the connection, it seems like it’s coming full circle. It’s been our goal since the tragedy happened with Noah to keep his name alive and remember him and honor him every chance we get.”

The Fishers Marching Band Invitational is an annual event that brings together marching bands from all throughout central Indiana for a friendly competition. In honor of Noah, it was especially special this year.

“It wasn’t just a loss to our family. It was a loss to the community and the police department,” Noah’s mother Laurie said. “They’re like brothers and the community has taken them in and taken them under their wing and it just means so much to us that they care about our family and the fellow officers in Elwood that Noah worked with.”