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Following the suspect’s T-bones squad vehicle pursuit, Monroe County officer hurt



Monroe County, Indiana – According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, a pursuit suspect purposely hit a squad car on Saturday, injuring a deputy from the county.

According to the sheriff’s office, deputies were being pursued by a two-ton black Chevy Suburban on State Road 45 eastbound at approximately 7 p.m. on Saturday.

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Deputies from Monroe County joined the pursuit but were unable to get in front of it and use stop sticks. The culprit, later identified as Cody Reeves, allegedly entered a Walmart parking lot, sped up behind the conex storage containers, and then made an eastward turn.

Reeves T-boned the deputy’s squad car while he was reportedly traveling with his emergency lights and siren on. The “intended collision,” as the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department put it, occurred.

According to reports, the incident caused back pain in the deputy operating the squad car as well as pain in his right hand and arm.

Reeves was hauled back to Greene County after being detained and is now facing charges.