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Hockey game unveils 2023 Indianapolis 500 ticket design



Indianapolis, Indiana – At the Indiana Farmers Coliseum on Friday night, hockey and the IndyCar Series racing clashed.

The Indianapolis 500 ticket for this year was on display for spectators during the second intermission of the Indy Fuel hockey game.

Marcus Ericsson, the race winner in 2022, is shown drenching himself in milk after victory.

“It’s a very special night to be here. Hockey is a passion of mine. I used to play hockey until I was 16. I’m a big hockey fan,” Ericsson said.

Ericsson, a native of Sweden who now resides in Carmel full-time, follows a tradition that began in 1948 when Indy 500 champion Mauri Rose’s image appeared on the ticket.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway President Doug Boles, said, “The cool thing I love the most about our tickets, it’s done in-house, so, from the photo that’s on it to all the creative that’s on it, it’s a group of folks who work for the Indianapolis 500 full-time and take an awful lot of pride in what they do.”

Ericsson has had quite the journey as he prepares to begin the IndyCar circuit next month. Being on the ticket for the following year is his only objective.

“Its a constant push to be better, it’s a very competitive series, the IndyCar series. Everyone is trying to beat everyone. You can never be pleased where your are because then you get overtaken.”

In March, tickets will be mailed out. On May 28, the Indianapolis 500 will be run for the 107th time.