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In two weeks, Indiana’s dashboard has recorded 6,212 new coronavirus cases and 115 new COVID deaths



Indianapolis, Indiana – New COVID-19 data has been made available on the state’s coronavirus dashboard by the Indiana Department of Health.

The information was gathered up until Tuesday, January 16. Every Wednesday, the state dashboard is updated.

The number of COVID-19 deaths in Indiana increased from 26,104 on January 16 to 26,219 on Tuesday. That is a 115-percent rise.

From 1,421 on January 16 to 1,469 on Tuesday, there were more likely deaths. That is a 48-percent rise.

In Indiana, the overall number of COVID-19 positive cases increased from 2,182,123 on January 16 to 2,188,335 on Tuesday. That is a 6,212 rise.

On Tuesday, the state reported an average of 279 ER visits and 66 hospital admissions over the previous seven days. This is a decrease from the 116 hospital admissions and 520 ER visits reported on January 16.

As of Tuesday, 3,866,487 Hoosiers had finished the first round of vaccinations, according to IDOH. 54.6% of the overall population is represented by that.

According to the state website, 988,603 Hoosiers were up to date on their vaccines as of Tuesday.







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