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E. coli detected in the water caused Fishers Beach to close



Fishers, Indiana – The popular park’s waters were found to contain undesirable levels of E. coli, forcing Fishers Parks & Recreation to temporarily close.

The beach and water access at Geist Waterfront Park will be off-limits to the public, according to park officials’ announcement on Tuesday.

The Fishers Health Department frequently tests the waters in Fishers to monitor the quality standards, including temperature, germs, and more, the park reported on Tuesday. A recent water-quality test at the cove, according to park officials, revealed “unsatisfactory” levels of E. coli.

Additionally, according to officials, bacteria like E. coli grow more quickly in hotter environments. Bacterial levels can rise when high temperatures, rain, and other environmental conditions are combined.

The water quality of the park is impacted by runoff from Fishers’ agricultural and urban areas.