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Increasing teacher shortage in Central Indiana



Indianapolis, Indiana – In the next weeks, a teacher shortage in Central Indiana may worsen.

Despite the fact that summer has just begun, school districts across the state are scrambling to replace positions, many of which have been open since the outbreak.

“During COVID we had a very drastic change in the world of education,” said Keith Gambill, president of the Indiana State Teachers Association.

According to Gambill, the state might see more fill-ins as districts work to fill open positions at the rate that jobs are becoming available.

Approximately 1,900 teaching positions are open in the state right now.

“And it will have devastating effects for some of our students,” said Gambill.

According to Gambill, teachers are merely leaving the profession due to complaints about low pay and overcrowded classrooms, and many of them are considering alternative careers.

“We have an issue where more folks are leaving the profession. While few are entering it and that’s the deficit that we’re seeing,” said Gambill.

Parents we spoke with on Wednesday expressed hope that things would improve.

“I think if we all sent our kids to the public schools system things would change for the better,” said Kristina Johnson-Yates, a Broad Ripple Resident.


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