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Indy to say ‘Cheerio’ to British spellings



Indianapolis, Indiana – According to official legislation, Indianapolis might be prepared to bid adieu to one spelling that is British.

A plan to amend local ordinances to drop the spelling of “councillor” in British English is slated for consideration by the local-County Council.

Zach Adamson, the vice-president of the council, will present the proposal during Monday night’s meeting.

The plan would remove the extra letter and replace all references to “councilor” in the city code with the American spelling.

The British spelling is also used on the city’s website,

The “double up rule,” which suggests doubling the last consonant of a word that ends with one vowel and one consonant, is applied to many terms in the British, Canadian, and Australian languages.

The rule is generally disregarded in American English for nouns having several syllables.

For instance, in official British English, “cancel” would become “cancelled,” but in American English, it would become “canceled.”



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