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Latinos are highlighted in Newfields Museum’s “Las Posadas” at Winterlights



Indianapolis, Indiana – Members of the community are highlighting Latino and Hispanic communities in a special way. For the holidays, they are doing it in a really colorful way through the arts.

There is a brand-new piñata in Indianapolis right now, and it is housed at the Newfields Museum.

The piñata is more than just a building, claims the museum. It is a component of the museum’s Winterlights sponsored by Bank of America celebration, which runs through January 8.

It will also play a key role in the Winterlights celebration of “Las Posadas,” a nine-day festival popular in Mexico and other Latin American nations.

“Las Posadas” recognizes Mary’s journey to find shelter during Jesus’s birth.

The piñata is a common representation of “Las Posadas,” a seasonal celebration in Latin America, according to the museum. According to the event’s organizers, Happy Rebels is an art collective based in Monterrey, Mexico.

“Las Posadas” at Winterlights event will happen on Dec.15 from 5-11 p.m.

Thanks to a unique collaboration between Newfields and Arte Mexicano en Indiana, the piñata is now in Indianapolis.

“Having a little piece of our country that feel of being still connected is wonderful that is why we are very grateful that Newfields and Arte Mexicano en Indiana are exploring and giving this opportunity to all the citizens here in Indianapolis and also still connecting with the roots and backgrounds that we have from Mexico,” Patricia Altamirano, a board member of Arte Mexicano en Indiana, said.

“We have seen little representation of the Hispanic and Latino community in all of our holiday celebrations, so Newfields is so excited to bring something new to the table this year,” the community engagement liaison for Newfields, Julianne Miller, said.

“Las Posadas” at Winterlights will include musical performances by Voces de Global Preparatory Academy, Mexican hot chocolate, and delicious churros.