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Law enforcement agencies in Indiana can submit applications for body-cam grants through December 15



In order to fund the purchase of body cameras for its staff, Indiana’s Department of Homeland Security offers local police enforcement agencies the opportunity to apply for and receive matching funds of up to $800 per officer.

The American Rescue Plan was established in 2021 to assist the country in recovering economically from the effects of the pandemic and is the main source of funding for the second Indiana Local Body Camera Grant.

The Indiana Local Body Camera Grant initiative was established to provide financial assistance to law enforcement agencies in their efforts to purchase body cameras for their staff.

The deadline for submitting the applications to IDHS for the grant is December 15.

There are almost 630 law enforcement agencies in Indiana, including 445 city departments, 92 county departments, 24 university departments, 22 public school departments, 13 hospital departments, 11 transit agencies, and 10 state law enforcement agencies.