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Legislators in Indiana decide to remove the 40-year happy hour ban



Indianapolis, Indiana – On Tuesday, lawmakers in Indiana decided to lift a nearly 40-year-old ban on happy hours.

With a 38–10 majority, lawmakers advanced House Bill 1086 to the governor’s desk with support from both parties. The law would let eateries offer alcoholic drinks for less during certain hours of the day.

The bill’s proponent, state senator Kyle Walker, informed lawmakers on Tuesday that the tourism and restaurant sectors want the legislation to draw in more customers and boost food sales.

The Republican said the bill would “generally assist an industry that is still fighting its way back after severe losses due to the pandemic.”

There are limitations on when companies can provide a happy hour, or lower their rates. No more than four hours may be spent in a single day and fifteen hours in a single week.

Additionally, the plan states that discounts cannot be given from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m.

The state outlawed happy hours in 1985 to lower the number of drunk drivers.

According to state law, anyone found to have intentionally or knowingly broken the present restriction might be charged with a Class B misdemeanor.

Should Republican governor Eric Holcomb sign the bill, it would become operative on July 1.



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