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Behold the spectacle that is Good Gravy!



Indianapolis, Indiana – If you are familiar with roller coasters, you are probably aware of Santa Claus, Indiana’s Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari.

Accompanying such legendary roller coasters as The Raven, The Legend, and The Journey is Good Gravy!, a “boomerang” roller coaster with a Thanksgiving motif.

In a media preview today, the coaster was unveiled.

A press statement claims that Holiday World’s newest family roller coaster, Good Gravy!, is a 1,500-foot exhilarating journey that will rescue Thanksgiving dinner! After being dragged backward up the lift hill, the family boomerang coaster accelerates to 37 mph as it passes through the station.

A gravy boat-themed train passes a 20-foot-tall whisk, an 18-foot-tall rolling pin, and other kitchenware as it races through a gigantic container of cranberry sauce. The rider will ascend a 77-foot spike and then descend it in reverse. Since seconds are loved by all! Similar to the Thanksgiving meal, there is something to please everyone. Good Gravy! is smooth and mild enough for kids to ride with their grandparents while still being exciting enough for thrill enthusiasts.

Good Gravy! is meant to delight the entire family, with a minimum height requirement of 38 inches!

May 11 is Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari’s opening day.




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