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More than Pink Walk returns to Indianapolis



Indianapolis, Indiana – For Indianapolis’ breast cancer survivors, Saturday was a unique day. This is a result of the Susan G. Komen Indianapolis More than Pink Walk making a triumphant comeback to the city.

Tammy Lisby, who has been cancer-free for six years, was among the numerous breast cancer survivors who attended the event on Saturday.

“It means you have your life back because immediately when you find out you have breast cancer, you think you’re dead. You think, what if you don’t make it,’what if, what if, what if, you know? It just means you made it. It means you won,” Lisby said.

Lisby is among the numerous individuals who honored the concept of survival.

“For me, I have done the race for 11 years as a participant, but now I’m actually one of the ones they are honoring,” Vickie Brown, a breast cancer survivor, said. “It’s amazing. It really is.”

This year’s event drew attendees from Military Park of all ages. According to survivors, this event is unique since it’s about remembering both survivors and those who have passed away for a full day, rather than just dressing entirely in pink.

“This hat used to belong to my sister,” Norma Girffo, another breast cancer survivor, said. “She passed away two years ago but you know what she’s with us. She puts all the pins on it and that’s why I wore it to honor her. She’s here in spirit.”

The ultimate goal is to find a cure for breast cancer, and the hope is to raise over $400,000.

“Research, it saves lives,” Brown said. “It truly saves lives, and where we are now is not where we were 20 years ago. It saves lives. It really does.”

And to the women who could still be struggling today, the message from the survivors is…

“Just be strong and never give up,” Griffo said.

“Just take it all in and surround yourself with people who are positive,” Brown said.

“Be who you are and do what you can do while you are going through it. Your day to shine will come back,” Lisby said.

Even if you were unable to attend the event on Saturday, you can still support the cause by making a donation.