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Noblesville has a new baby box



Noblesville, Indiana – The 105th anonymous, secure surrender box in Indiana and the 162nd nationwide will soon be operational in Noblesville.

The installation of Indiana’s newest baby box, which gives moms the opportunity to securely and legally surrender their child while staying anonymous, will be celebrated with a blessing on Tuesday in the late afternoon, according to a statement from Safe Haven Baby Boxes.

The brand-new Noblesville baby box is open around-the-clock and is situated at the fire station at 20777 Hague Road.

“This area of Indiana has seen several surrenders and we are pleased to offer another location to protect vulnerable women and their children,” said Monica Kelsey, who founded Safe Haven Baby Boxes.

14 infants have reportedly been given up via baby boxes in 2023, according to Kelsey.

“The Safe Haven Baby Box exists to help people who have no recourse but to surrender their infant in a way that ensures the child’s safety,” said Noblesville Fire Chief Matt Mitchell.

A baby box’s silent alarm notifies first responders when a child is placed inside, ensuring that the infant is found within five minutes. Through its hotline at 866-99BABY1, Safe Haven offers free, private counseling in addition to the baby boxes.

35 infants have been placed in baby boxes since 2017, according to Safe Haven Baby Boxes. Calling the Safe Haven hotline has resulted in more than 130 surrenders around the country.

The states of Ohio, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Mississippi also sell Safe Haven Baby Boxes in addition to Indiana.