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Opening of a natural history facility near Prairie Creek Reservoir



Muncie, Indiana – A natural history museum was added to Prairie Creek Reservoir’s list of amenities on Monday.

According to the Muncie municipal government, the Cook Family Education Center near Prairie Creek Reservoir is a refurbished existing structure. The center’s exhibits include live turtles and fish.

The reservoir offers boating, swimming, camping, hiking, bicycling, all-terrain vehicle trails, and horseback riding paths. It also organizes concerts, festivals, and other events. The park also offers overnight cabins and rented shelters.

The new facility has been under construction since 2020, according to Prairie Creek Superintendent Dustin Clark. According to the mayor, Monday’s unveiling marks the end of the first of three development phases.

“The Education Center is dedicated to the Cook family, who have served a collective total of 87 years at the park,” a news release issued Monday from the city government said. “Eldon Cook Jr., who has carried on his father’s 30 year legacy and is on his 34th year at the park, accepted a plaque from Mayor Dan Ridenour.”

The Lenape tribe, the local gas boom, and women’s suffrage are all topics included in the center’s exhibits.

Among the sponsors of the project were the Muncie Sanitary District and Ironman International, whose exhibit is located in the center. The first phase of the center project’s cost was not disclosed in the news announcement that was released on Monday, nor was it stated when potential start or end dates for subsequent stages.

On weekdays, the facility is open from 8 am to 3 pm. By calling the main office at (765) 747-4872, school field excursions can be planned.