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Representative Houchin of the United States declares his intention to seek reelection in District 9



Salem, Indiana – The U.S. Representative Erin Houchin’s office in Indiana’s District 9 just declared that Houchin will be seeking reelection to her current position in the House of Representatives.

This occurred after Houchin announced her intention to run for reelection on the social networking site X, which was formerly known as Twitter. She said that serving the district has been “an honor and a privilege.”

Houchin has represented Indiana’s ninth district, which encompasses the southeast part of the state, since her election in 2022, according to earlier reports. Houchin is presently a member of the Rules, Education and Workforce, and Financial Services committees in the US House of Representatives.

“Our first year has flown by, but we have been hard at work fighting for the American people, and our work has just begun,” Houchin said in the release. “I often say we need more Washington County commonsense in Washington D.C., and that’s what we’ve been delivering. From fighting the reckless and out-of-control spending of the Biden Administration to securing our Southern border and stopping the flow of criminals and drugs into our country, we will not back down. I’m committed to being the strong conservative fighter our district needs. I will never waver on my commitment to protecting our freedoms and liberties, keeping our communities safe and ensuring our children have a bright future.”

The sole other contender to file to run for Indiana’s vacant ninth district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives is Democrat Timothy Peck, according to the Secretary of State of Indiana’s website.