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Shooting at Lake Castleton Apartments leaves two people injured



Indianapolis, Indiana – Easter Sunday’s late-morning peace was disrupted by gunfire at 7778 Newport Way in the Lake Castleton Apartments as two men were shot in a parking lot.

” It’s kind of crazy on Easter Sunday,” said resident Ronald Williams. ”This is like the second time. A death happened by my apartment. I tried to contact management and talk to them about it and there’s nothing they can do about it. So it’s kind of sad. You can’t even feel safe in your own place.”

Williams reported that a man was shot and killed on the same block on December 31.

”Security, they was here after the last shooting on New Year’s Eve and they were here about a month and I ain’t seen them ever since. Nobody’s ever seen them ever since,” he said. ”No security and if the camera’s not working, for a killer that’s an easy and better way for you to do something. If the camera’s not working, nobody can see you and if nobody’s not gonna talk, it makes it all easier, too.”

One guy was discovered in a parking area with bloodied clothing, a gun, and evidence markers indicating the locations of spent shot casings, while the second wounded male fled on foot, according to abandoned clothing on adjacent Shadeland Avenue.

Gunfire, according to a local who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, has become all too typical in her neighborhood.

”I don’t remember when it was but for four nights straight there was gunfire. I don’t know if somebody was shooting into the pond or what but I do remember there was a murder at the end of the pond last year,” she said. “It’s sad, on Easter we have a shooting, and that’s just very sad to me.”

Last summer, a man was shot down the street from the woman’s apartment while clergymen guided a peace walk a short distance away.

Two months after a woman was fatally stabbed by an intruder in her apartment in the same building, a young guy was shot to death near the complex’s southern end in May 2021.

The neighbor claimed that many living in the complex had complained to the apartment management about how unsafe it is to live there.

”They voice their concerns but nothing is ever done about it,” she said. ”These murders are too much and they’re happening too frequently and they’re sick of it, they’re scared.”

However there is a sign at the front door that reads NEW MANAGEMENT, there didn’t appear to be any security present when the gunshots on Easter Sunday, however a maintenance worker claimed Fox 59 News that his manager ordered him to kick us off the property.

Williams stated that although he is unsure of his lease’s expiration date, he will be leaving Lake Castleton Apartments at that time.

”If you pay a thousand dollars for rent here, would you stay?” he asked. ”Can’t put a price on your life.”