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Speedway police ask residents to obey parking rules ahead of Indy 500



Speedway, Indiana – Until Monday morning after the Indianapolis 500, Speedway police are asking residents not to park on streets marked with red and white signs.

“It restricts our ability to get people home quicker from the race, and it restricts our ability to get emergency vehicles where they need to go,” Speedway Police Lt. Jim Thiele said.

On Sunday, when 20 laps are left in the race, traffic on all major thoroughfares in the town of Speedway will be reversed, so all lanes will be going away from the track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Officers will be out to assure those lanes are clear.

“They’re trying to watch for people who may be getting ready to park in an area that is not allowed. We would much prefer just to ask somebody to move before we would have to ticket that vehicle, or even tow that vehicle,” Thiele said.

According to Speedway resident Jake Derbyshire, he absolutely loves seeing his town grow by the thousands for a few days each year during race week, even if it isn’t as easy to get around town. “You get used to it over the years. I mean down on 20th street there are a lot of cars going in and out all the time.”

The track will have free parking for Legends Day on Saturday at Fifth Street and Hulman Boulevard.

A staging area will be available for Uber, Lyft, and taxi cab drivers off 10th Street just east of Main Street.

Speedway police ask residents to obey parking rules ahead of Indy 500.