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The AMP’s Melon Ghost Kitchen introduces five new ideas



Indianapolis, Indiana – In an effort to promote local Black cooks, Melon, a restaurant accelerator, is welcoming five new culinary entrepreneurs. The newest eateries at The AMP are Ummi’s Table, Mrs. Murry’s Naturals, Samosas & Sauce, Stix, and Juzen Juice Bar.

These ideas are a part of the Melon accelerator program’s second phase, which is being held at The AMP food hall in the 16 Tech innovation neighborhood. The initiative is led by the Indianapolis-based 501(c)(3) social enterprise, Be Nimble Foundation. The winners of $5,000 awards and in-depth instruction in a range of business-related topics, such as creating menus, presenting to investors, and creating business plans, were revealed.

Every concept offers a distinct culinary specialty that reflects a variety of ethnic influences, ranging from vegan cuisine to fried pastries and skewered meats.

• JuZen Juice Bar: Juice blends, smoothies, and shakes.
• Mrs. Murry’s Naturals: Plant-based dishes such as pot pies.
• Samosas & Sauce: Samosas inspired by Tanzanian street food.
• Stix: Known for chicken and pork skewers.
• Ummi’s Table: Chef Monica Douglas curates culinary experiences for private events and exclusive dinner series.

Supporters of the Melon Kitchen accelerator program include the Meridian Foundation, the city of Indianapolis, and JPMorgan Chase. Phylicia Manley, vice president and program officer in global philanthropy at JPMorgan Chase, stressed in a written statement the importance of the program in helping Black and Latinx founders overcome the challenges they have when looking for funding to expand their businesses.

After completing the Melon program, participants can potentially invest up to $50,000 through the Nile Capital Fund, a Be Nimble initiative. A previous participant, Burgeezy, developed a vegan burger concept and used a Nile Capital Fund grant to launch a profitable Canal Walk restaurant.

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