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The special judge contends that she ought to keep overseeing the case of Delphi’s murder



Indianapolis, Indiana – Judge Frances Gull argued that she ought to continue working on the Delphi murders case in a document that the Indiana Supreme Court received late on Monday afternoon.

On October 28, 2022, Richard Allen, 51, of Delphi, was taken into custody in connection with the February 2017 killings of 14-year-old Liberty German and 13-year-old Abigail “Abby” Williams close to the Monon High Bridge in Delphi.

In a hearing on October 19, Andrew Baldwin and Brad Rozzi resigned as Allen’s defense lawyers. Following a leak of evidence from Baldwin’s office, they pulled out.

Gull, an Allen County native, was chosen to serve as the Carroll County case’s special judge. She said in her submission on Monday that the record demonstrates that lawyers Baldwin and Rozzi were not giving good legal help. According to the petition, the attorneys also made extrajudicial remarks that may have seriously harmed the case, repeatedly neglected to take reasonable precautions to protect sensitive case data, and gave the court misleading information.

Transcripts acquired a week ago reveal that Gull threatened to publicly humiliate the lawyers in court if they didn’t step down or give up the evidence that had leaked from their office.

In the transcripts, Gull says to Baldwin: “I’m talking about you, I’m not accusing the state of gross incompetence and negligence, I’m finding gross incompetence and negligence with you.”

In Monday’s filing, Gull claimed there had been additional leaks: “Baldwin emailed confidential work product to an unauthorized person and Baldwin and Rozzi failed to timely report the leak to the trial court or prosecutor.”

During a meeting in the judge’s chambers prior to the Oct. 19 hearing, defense attorney Rozzi tried to distance himself from Baldwin, saying Rozzi didn’t know the person who leaked sensitive crime scene pictures and it didn’t come from Rozzi’s office.

They ultimately withdrew from the case but later asked to be reinstated.

The transcripts of the secret meeting held in Gulls’ chamber were sent to the Indiana Supreme Court, which will review the documents and decide if she will stay on the case.

An attorney from the Indiana Attorney General’s Office filed a brief Monday afternoon that says Gull should remain on the case.

The Indiana Supreme Court has not said how soon it might act. Allen’s trial is set for October.

Defense lawyer Rozzi attempted to disassociate himself from Baldwin during a meeting in the judge’s chambers before the Oct. 19 hearing by claiming that Rozzi didn’t know the individual who released private crime scene photos and that they didn’t originate from Rozzi’s office.

In the end, they left the case, but subsequently, they requested to be included back.

The Indiana Supreme Court received the transcripts of the closed-door discussion that took place in Gulls’ chamber. After reviewing the materials, the court will choose whether or not to continue the case.

Gull needs to stay involved in the case, according to a brief submitted by an Indiana Attorney General’s Office lawyer on Monday afternoon.

The Indiana Supreme Court has not indicated when it plans to take action. October is when Allen will go on trial.




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