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The Big Ten football title will hopefully remain in Indianapolis



Indianapolis, Indiana – Leaders in Indianapolis are taking an unprecedented step to support their argument for keeping the Big Ten football championship game.

According to the Indiana Sports Corp, Lucas Oil Stadium will submit a bid to host the 2025–2028 Big Ten football title games on Wednesday morning.

The deadline for towns to submit bids to host those games has been set by the Big Ten for Friday, September 15.

Since its establishment in 2011, Indianapolis has served as the location for each Big Ten football championship game.

“The Big Ten fanbase – and even the athletes – have come to know that Indy is the ultimate goal that first weekend in December, every year,” said Sarah Myer, Chief Marketing Officer for Indiana Sports Corp.

Other cities, including Las Vegas, have publicly stated ambitions to bid on the championship events as a result of the conference’s expansion to include West Coast clubs.

“With this particular bid, we feel we need to do things differently. We need to advocate for ourselves and tell everyone why we think the Big Ten needs to stay here,” Myer said.

Starting on Wednesday morning, the ISC is requesting that both supporters and important corporate sponsors upload photos and videos to social media using the hashtag #B1GInIndy.

Each year, the Big Ten Football Championship is predicted to have a $22 million to $25 million economic impact on Indianapolis.

The 2023 and 2024 Big Ten Football Championships will be held in Indianapolis.

The conference relocated the women’s basketball championship to Minneapolis in 2023.

Indianapolis has hosted the women’s tournament since 2015.


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