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The graduation rate for Indiana in 2023 is the second-highest in more than ten years



Indianapolis, Indiana – The 2023 state graduation statistics, as reported by the Indiana Department of Education, show a notable increase.

Graduation rates increased to 88.98% from 86.52% in 2022, according to IDOE.

Governor Holcomb told the IDOE about the significance of high school diplomas, stating, “Earning a high school diploma is essential to unlocking a successful future.”

In addition, he praised the post-pandemic efforts of educators, highlighting their significance in equipping pupils for success after high school. The 2023 statewide graduation rate increased by over 2.5 percentage points, according to data, making it the second-highest since Indiana started keeping track of graduation rates in 2012.

Although 89.1% was the peak in 2016, this year’s performance is only 0.12 percentage points lower.

Among the noteworthy aspects of the 2023 graduation figures are the encouraging patterns observed in diverse student cohorts:

• Black students saw a notable increase from 77.52% in 2022 to 82.43% in 2023.
• Hispanic students improved from 83.86% to 86.41%.
• English learners rose from 85.60% to 87.72%.
• Students in special education witnessed a substantial increase from 76.39% to 83.24%.
• Students receiving free and reduced-price meals climbed from 83.74% to 88.74%.

The non-waiver graduation rate increased significantly, rising 4.34 percentage points from 80.58% in 2022 to 84.92% in 2023.

The secretary of education for Indiana, Dr. Katie Jenner, stated that the state’s future objectives are to raise the bar for diplomas and provide smooth transitions for students seeking jobs, enrollment, or enlisting. Recognizing differences between federal and state accountability metrics and criteria, IDOE also announced the federal graduation rate for 2023, which was 87.52%, in addition to state rates.